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Everything you need for moving your Mobile Home or Park Model RV

  • View Transport Companies and Reviews
  • Find Mobile Home Communities that will pay your moving costs in exchange for moving into their park
  • Protect yourself from shady transporters by using our payment service. The transport company only gets paid after a successful move! No more paying up front!

Mobile Owner

For mobile home owners

Here at Move My Mobile you can view reviews for transport companies in your area and if you find one you like our optional escrow service is available to protect you from fraud. But that’s not all! Mobile Homes are anything but mobile. It often costs between $5,000 - $20,000 to move and if you are anything like us finding the right transport company can be difficult. That is why we provide information on mobile home parks in your area (Including rents!) who are willing to pay for the cost of your move! Sign up today!

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Mobile Owner

For community owners

Fill your empty spaces and avoid the long turnover and high upfront capital costs of buying, selling and financing mobile homes! With the shortage of used mobile homes, the high costs of purchasing new, and the minefield of legal traps that go along with seller financing for tenants it’s no wonder so many communities are covering moving costs for new tenants as a move in special. On move My Mobile you can view potential tenants, photos and details of their mobile home, discount tenant screening and find transport company reviews! Sign up today and fill your vacancies!

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